Client: Meenta, a COVID-19 testing platform for business-to-business and business-to-consumer use cases.
Project: Expert review and product design roadmap for agile product development process.

This ongoing work supports larger visioning efforts as Meenta pivots from an emergency COVID-19 testing platform to a more sophisticated and flexible business and consumer driven product. Services include design spikes, to be included in upcoming product development sprints and ongoing support of product development efforts as Meenta integrates a UX function into the larger product development process.

Methodology: Expert review of existing site experience from the perspective of individual consumers as well as business administrators, students, and/or employees who are taking part in pooled testing experience.

Work for this project:

  • Weekly meetings to prioritize product design roadmap initiatives.
  • Ongoing review/documentation of existing site experience, noting points of friction and delight.
  • Analysis of other direct and/or indirect competitor experiences.
  • Low-fidelity mockups of proposed site modifications.

Outcomes: Ongoing work to increase Meenta’s capacity for onboarding new customers (both B2B and B2C). Proposed modifications target a streamlined dashboard and increased clarity around workflow processes for all user groups.