Client: Ametek/Spectro Scientific, a company providing oil analysis solutions for the world’s largest oil, power generation, mining, and industrial companies.
Project: A usability test with customers using with the TruVu 360™ platform.

TruVu 360™ is an enterprise fluid intelligence system that streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, allowing managers greater visibility into the effectiveness of their machinery and equipment, leading to more effective decision making. The goal of this study was to identify potential areas of friction within the TruVu 360™ experience and suggest opportunities for product optimization.

Methodology: 6 remote, moderated usability studies were conducted with current TruVu 360™ customers.

Work for this project:

  • Met with the product owner to review and confirm project goals.
  • Became familiar with existing TruVu 360™ user interface.
  • Defined tasks and developed a usability test plan.
  • Scheduled 1 hour test sessions with 6 TruVu 360™ users, representing a range of customer types.
  • Ran remote moderated usability test sessions.
  • Analyzed findings across participants.
  • Presented recommendations to key stakeholders.

Outcomes: Provided complete documentation of key themes, points of customer confusion or friction, opportunities for improvement, and design recommendations.