Jump-start your development process with interactive workshops. We can map out user experience flows and page layouts so you can start building your MVP.  We can facilitate full-day or half-day sessions.

You’ve got your requirements and user stories in hand and are ready to start building. There’s just one problem, no one has created any flow charts or wireframes that document what should be built. Intended as a UX Boot Camp, these intensive half-day and full-day workshops have us working together to map out your requirements and user stories in real time. I’ll bring my quick thinking if you can provide the whiteboard and markers.

  • Create sitemaps and flowcharts indicating overall hierarchy, screen flow, and behind the scenes logic.
  • Sketch out bare bones wireframes for individual pages.
  • Prioritize functionality for MVP and beyond.

Ready to start building? Contact me to set up an introductory meeting: lisa@lisaspitz-design.com.